Ted Baker Bag

The other day while shopping at Bluewater I saw a Ted Baker Handbag that was really similar to one I had wanted earlier in the year. I didn’t get the bag at the time as it was £39.00 pound and I didn’t have the money at the time. I had really wanted it as they matched the In the beautiful pink jelly sandals From Ted Baker that I got in the summer.

As the weather got colder the pretty bag slipped my mind as I focused in getting some winter warmers for my wardrobe. Yet while in choice at Bluewater they had a display of bags on sale and they had a massive batch of ted baker bags. The pink one grabbed my attention instantly, as soon as I saw it I remembered the bag from the summer and looking at how pretty it was I decided I was getting one.

They had them in various sizes and two different colours but I opted for the baby pink one with a black bow like my scandals. I also got biggest bag as I can fit more in when out about. They had a beautiful black one as well that had a pink bow which was also now reduced to £27 pound.


I cant wait till the weather heats up so I can wear them with my scandals but until then the bag still looks lush and looks gorgeous with most outfits as an everyday shopper! I’m still tempted by the black one and I may have to make a return visit later in the month to see if they still have them If they are reduced any further I will definitely snap it up! To check out similar bags have a peek at the Ted Baker site here.

Have you got any bargains in the sale so far? Do you have any items you wish you’d bought and now have past you by? Do you own any Ted Baker items?

Lots of Love,
Laura x