Mink Lashes from Chelsea Beautique

False eyelash sales have soared in recent years. Nearly every beauty fan has attempted to apply them. I love false eyelashes. I think its an easy way to get a wide eyed fresher look. Although available in all shapes and sizes, like most girls when I find a pair I love I stick to them and buy the same pair repeatedly instead of continuing to try others. Now I really regret not continuing to experiment as I might have found these earlier. 

I have often seen in interviews and beauty magazines that mink lashes are the go to lashes of the stars with fans including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Heidi Klum. However until now, I was yet to try mink lashes as have firstly been harder to get hold of than normal lashes and secondly much more expensive. 

As a major false eyelash fan. I was over the moon when I was contacted by Chelsea Beautique and asked if I would like to try some of there new mink lashes. Chelsea beautique is a new brand offering high end beauty products at affordable prices. I was sent two different pairs of lashes* priced at an amazing £18.00. Which when you think of price per use and the fact that they are a cruelty, free celeb fave is an incredible bargain.

So what are mink lashes?
Mink eyelashes are made from the fur of minks a ferret like animal. Most lashes are made from ether a plastic material or from human hair.  The animals are not killed during the process, they simply collect the fur strands during grooming by brushing the animals and collecting the fur by hand. The careful harvest of the fur and production of mink lashes is why they cost more than cheaper plastic alternatives.

Why are they so popular?
Mink lashes have become a celeb favourite due to the thickness of the lash and the beautiful natural look that can be achieved by using them. With proper care they can be used up to twenty times with them maintaining their beauty and shape.

Even in the packaging you can see they are of amazing quality. I love that they come in a hard plastic case as its so easy to store them especially after you have used them. Most lashes come in cardboard boxes and get ruined quickly ruining the lashes stored inside.

They apply easily and are weightless on your eyes which I find to be a bit of an issue with other lashes. I can feel I’m wearing them and my eyelids look ever so slightly droopy. This wasn’t an issue at all with these I found they gave my a wide eyed look all day with no irritation or any readjustments needed.


I love that although natural I could still achieve a dramatic look. Although dramatic I never felt I looked odd or like a drag queen. When wearing them I felt confident and I didn’t worry about them sliding or moving around. They gave made me feel classy and elegant.

I received numerous comments on how pretty my eyes looked and did I have individual extensions which do give a much more natural appearance than strip lashes. I normally go for dense and thick looking lashes and these do give me the thickness I desire yet without the weight and with a higher end look. I know that the fact they can look over the top and fake put lot off people of lashes as they feel they are too much for them. If this is the case for you then I without a doubt recommend these lashes.

My favourite thing about these lashes is they look like they are your lashes but longer thicker and fuller. No matter what style of eyelash you prefer there is a style to suit you and your needs and wants.

Have you tried Mink lashes? Which sort of eyelashes do you like to use? Do you like the look of these lashes? Will you be trying these?

Lots of Love,
Laura x