How to fix green tones in your hair

A khaki green colour is quite a common result from dying over blonde hair, it can also happen if your hair reacts to a chemical for instance your hair might get a green tinge to it if you have spent alot of time in a swimming pool. Unlike many people think this isn’t caused by the chlorine but by the metals in the water binding to your hair.

It happens to the best of us even Jennifer Ellison’s hair ended up Green after her hair reacted with the metals in the swimming pool! Seen below.

So how do you avoid your hair going green if you want to dye your bleached blonde hair?
Avoid any ash or cool tones and dye your hair a warm shade of brown. As any yellow in your hair will go green if you add a ash brown on top.

Why does this happen?
When you bleach your hair you strip the hair shaft of its colour going from red to orange then to through to the Palest yellow. The darker your natural hair the more red you have to get rid of to get to blonde. But once your there the only remaining pigment in the hair is yellow which will leave you blonde. Because of this if you wish to go back to a darker shade you need to reapply the colours stripped out. Or your darker colour will appear murky and greeny. Why is this? well you only have yellow pigment remaining and if you then add a darker ash tone (which is a blue pigment) to this yellow you will get green ( yellow + blue = green) so you need to add the colour that was taken out to give you the right base colour (neutral) to work from.

In a salon you may hair of a pre pig this is ‘re adding the colours lost from your hair  before applying the colour you want. This is to give you the desired shade not a green one. Alot of hair dyes used by professionals now ‘re add the colours for you lessening the need to pre pigment the hair. However if your hair has gone green this is why.

If your hair does have a green tinge to it don’t fear!

How to Fix Green Hair?
One of the easiest ways to fix this is with something most of us have in the kitchen which is tomato ketchup!

 -wash your hair with shampoo to open up the cuticles.

 -Section your hair into Four sections

-while hair is still wet cover each section with the tomato ketchup

-leave on for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes

-rinse hair and rewash

Condition your hair to close your cuticles

And your Done!!!!

I hope this helps you and stay tuned for more Hair dilemma posts! If you have any requests do let me know by leaving a comment below, sending me a tweet or emailing me. Have you ever had a hair nightmare? Has your hair gone green?

Lots of Love,
Laura x