How long should you keep your makeup?

Have you ever wondered how long you can keep your favourite make up items? Lots of things can affect the lifespan your make up items. This post is meant to help you find out when your make up is destined for the bin. Also find out how long you should keep a product before it expires and ways to increase the life of your make up.

Signs your make up has gone off
With most beauty products it can be quite easy to tell due to smell and the formula changing. Once make up has been opened bacteria can get in so using an old mascara can give you a nasty infection, if bacteria has been harbouring in it.

With products like mascara its easier to tell due to the fact the bacteria that harbours in it often leaves a really bad smell. Also it may start drying out and clumping.

Cream eye shadows harbour more bacteria than powder forms. If the colour changes becomes harder to blend or has a skin form on top. Get rid.

Foundations and concealers tend to change colour and consistency. .They also become harder to apply and blend. With liquid foundations water separates from the formula quite often when it is starting to turn.

If your cream blusher has a chalky layer on top its time for the bin. Powders such as bronzers and blushers tend to loose colour.

Make up expiration dates
These are the length of time companies advise you keep your make up before it should be headed to the bin. So if you have had any product for longer than the list advises you should be getting rid of it. Using it increases spots infections and it wont work as well as before. If you don’t store make up correctly or keep products in humid conditions bacteria and germs will grow much quicker. So you will have to get rid of the makeup sooner than the list states.

Foundation in cream or liquid form – 2 Years

Concealer – 2 Years

Powder – 2 Years

Mascara – 6 Months

Lipstick – 12 – 18 months

Pencils for lips or eyes – 12 – 18 Months

Liquid eyeliner – 6 Months

Eye Shadow – 2 Years

Blush in powder form – 2 Years

Blush in cream form – 2 Years

Can I extend the life of my products?

There are exceptions to the rules, Using this tips could help your make up last longer without going off. So follow these tips to give you a few extra months.

-If you store your make up in a cool and dry place bacteria is less likely to breed in your make up.

-Avoid contamination by only using clean products to apply your make up and remove product from packaging with clean spatulas and clean hands.

-Sharpen lip pencils and eye pencils before use.

-Store lipstick in a fridge to help it last longer.

-Have a lippie you love and can’t bring yourself to toss it, kill all bacteria by putting in the freezer over night.

I hope this post helps you, Do you have any tips on how to keep your makeup fresher for longer? Have you ever had any problems with make up going off a lot sooner than it should? Let me know your thoughts below

Lots of Love,
Laura x