Hair Extensions – Remy? Virgin? Single or Double Drawn?

When purchasing hair extensions from the internet or in the flesh. It can be hard to understand the differences between all the different types of hair and the lingo used. Often when going to a salon they will provide the hair for you but I always think it’s best to know what you want or what you are receiving for your money. To stop there being any problems or disappointments.  In this post I’m going to explain some of the different terms for hair used in extensions. In the next post I will then explain the different types of hair which can be used.

Remy or Virgin Hair

Remy hair
You will often hear hair Described as Remy or Remi. This is where the hair has been kept in its natural state in terms of position. So the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept in the correct positions meaning all the cuticles lay in one direction. Making them look more natural and stopping any matting when brushing or combing. The texture of the Remy hair is silky soft with subtle waves. in simple terms all the hair is laying correctly root to tip.

It is sometimes known as Virgin Hair. Yet Virgin Hair is different to Remy Hair. The term Remy hair is often misused and confused with virgin hair.

Virgin hair
To be real Virgin hair the hair must be never coloured bleached or permed. Have the cuticle layer intact and be Remy hair (have all cuticles in the right direction grouped root to tip) Its extremely unlikely to find virgin hair in lighter colours as most virgin hair is from India or South America.

So not all Remy hair is virgin hair. As most hair will have had some chemical treatment.

What does the term Single Drawn or Double Drawn Mean?

 Remy Single Drawn Hair
The Remy single drawn is a high quality hair texture which has been trimmed in the same direction from the upper to the lower ends. This creates a natural layered look for the client. This gives a natural appearance yet the ends of the hair much like natural hair are considerably thinner than the top. Also the hair strands will not all be the same length. So when purchasing these bear this in mind as you can sometimes see the difference in your hair and the extensions. often people will cut a couple of inches of the bottom to tackle this although cheaper than double drawn you may lose length as the ends can be straggly.

Remy Double Drawn Hair

Double drawn is superior due to the fact all shorter hairs are removed by hand. This hair is trimmed making sure the hair is one length. This allows for the hair to have a sense of uniformity because the top is as thick at the tips. You are guaranteed with a healthier-looking hair with solid length from root to tip.

Have you ever had hair extensions? I hope this helps when trying to understand some of the terms used. Do you want extensions? What are your favourite type of extensions? Let me know your opinions.
Lots of love,
Laura x