ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

Due to years of bleaching, curling and straightening aswell as been dyed every colour under the rainbow my hair is extremely prone to breakage. Although I have ditched the bleach and dont use heat everyday. I still do use heated tools on my hair regularly. So I think its really important to find the right products to help protect my hair from any further damage.

The packaging is typically stylish and looks much more expensive than it is. This spray costs just under £10 which for such a well know brand is really reasonably priced. The bottle has lasted me quite a while aswell so I’m really impressed. The scent of the spray is clean and fresh, not overwhelming at all.

GHD say:

Protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling with ghd Heat Protect Spray. Ideal for use on dry or damp hair, it forms an invisible barrier to shield your locks from harm.
Formulated with the unique ghd Heat Protection System, the spray can be layered with other styling products to produce your desired result. Wonderfully lightweight, it won’t make your hair feel heavy, sticky or greasy, and is suitable for use with straighteners, dryers and curling tongs.
Directions of Use:

  • Spritz from roots to tips
  • Use 6-8 sprays for mid to long length hair
  • Comb through
  • Use your hair dryer or styler
One of my favorite things about this heat protect spray is not only does it stop my hair from becoming a shizzling frizzy mess by protecting it from the damage caused by heat products. It also has conditioning agents added to the formula so makes my hair feel really soft. I often find that when using heat protecting products my hair never feels as soft and gets knots in alot more often than usual. this isn’t the case with this product at all my hair is left silky and knot free.
This spray is super light weight leaving you able to use other products without fear of lack hair due to product build up. Which I particularly love as I’m a big fan of adding mousse when blow drying for an extra big bouncy look. Also my style lasted longer when using this spray whether I tong or straighten my hair.
I will without doubt be buying this again as I sometimes am doubtful that heat protecting sprays really work. This isn’t the case with this at all, after a few weeks use I can feel and totally see the difference in my hair. I have less breakage and not as many split ends as all.
Have you tried this? which hair products do you swear by? Do you know any cheaper heat protectors that work?
lots of love,
Laura x