Sleek Face Form

Sleek are quickly becoming a leader in the high street blusher market. With amazing pigmentation and a formula that is long wearing and really workable, It is a brand that is making quality make up affordable.

I wouldn’t be without my sleek Face Form palette it has everything you need to create the perfect contoured look. It cost me £9.99 and I have had it for ages yet always go back to using it! I am a massive fan of contouring, it can totally change the shape of your face. Using Highlighter to draw attention to your best features and contouring to define the shape of your face, Really does make a difference to look.

My kit is the one for light skin. You get three different colours in the kit. A brown for shading, a rose gold blush and an extremely flattering highlighter.

The brown shade is the perfect non muddy shade. This can really be an issue with a brown contouring colour as you want a non shimmery shade. Most browns available without a bit of shimmer can appear rather muddy and dull this isn’t an issue with this shade. The shade is a deep brown shade without a hint of Orange. Yet it isn’t to dark so will suit fairer skinned beauty’s. The formula is easily blendable so you don’t need to worry you will be left looking odd and stripy. Alot of people have complained about the brown not being very pigmented. I think Sleek have made it lighter so its more wearable for a on the go user, so you don’t have to spend ages blending. I find using a lighter hand and building up the colour rather than going in heavy handed gives a much more natural look and also makes the colour stay put for longer.

I absolutely love the shade of highlighter. Its a glowing creamy colour which is really flattering on my skin tone even now when I’m not as tanned as I was in the summer. It is shimmery yet not to much, I don’t really like an overly shiny look from a highlighter. I feel really shimmery skin looks slighty oily. Also the shade isn’t to light and is more of a champagne colour rather than a off white. Giving you a more natural glow. You don’t need much product at all as the highlighter is really pigmented.

The rose gold blush is stunning, its has a strong gold shimmer and is an amazing dupe for Nars Orgasm. Maybe not so much in the pan as it does appear to have a high presence of gold in it but once blended they are almost identical. You can view my review for Nars orgasm here. Stay tuned for a comparison post! The Shimmer in the blush does look like it maybe too much, but it isn’t at all over powering when applied. The warm tones of this pinky blush really make it flattering to most skin tones. The Blush complements the highlighter beautifully and really do give a beautiful yet natural glow to your skin.

Have you tired this palette? What products do use for contouring? Which of Sleek’s products do you recommend?

Lots of love,
Laura x