My Guide to all things Perfume

I like to vary my scent depending on the season. During the summer I like fresh and citrusy scents. Opting for a richer heavier scent in the colder months. Yet I find picking a new perfume can be a bit overwhelming and understanding all jargon is an absolute nightmare. So if you’re looking to make your perfume last longer or find out what the different perfume terms mean, this is the posts for you.

What’s the Difference between EDT, EDP, EDC and Parfum ?

Perfume professional advise using an EDT or EDP during the day and Perfume during the evening where the scent is richer and stronger. Yet what are the differences between them all and which is the best for your price range or needs.

Perfume can be split into different categories each with different prices and with different strengths.

Is the strongest Perfume, as it has the highest percentage of Fragrant oils present. Usually about 40% due to having the highest concentration of scent, it is the most expensive. Only a tiny amount is needed and lasts for the longest time, usually a full 24 hours.

Eau de Parfum
Is the next strongest scent it usually has a concentration of about 15% with some having as high as 20%. Only some perfume houses stock this. Cheaper than perfumes but has good lasting power lasting around 6 -8 hours.

Eau de Toilette
The most commonly used scent. This has a concentration of around 10%. Lasts for roughly 3-4 hours. The top notes are the strongest and is quite refreshing when applied.

Eau de cologne 
Has the lowest concentration of about 7%. I would describe this as more of a body spray as its perfect for hot weather refreshing to the skin when applied. It doesn’t last very long yet will stay the truest to the original scent in hot climates.

How to pick a new Fragrance for yourself or a gift?

A fact to take into account when picking a perfume, is that just because you like the smell of a scent on somebody else, it won’t necessarily smell the same on you. So always try the perfume on your skin to see if you still like it. Fragrance reacts differently on different skins and under different conditions such as temperature, climate and your diet.

All scents fall into different categories of scent such as fresh, floral, woody etc. Most people tend to like scents in one particular category so if buying for someone, take note of what sort of scent they like to wear normally. If you/they tend to wear floral perfumes that’s probably the best family of smells to start exploring. The chances are if they like one floral they may also like other similar scents.

When trying out fragrances one of the worst place to smell the scents is in a perfume shop. As there are so many different smells mixing together. It can be really hard to get a good sniff of just the one particular scent. Also try not to try more than three different scents per trip as your nose will get desensitised to the different smells.

Professionals will take smell breaks by inhaling coffee beans. The experts recommend that if coffee beans are unavailable then take a deep breathe through your nose and sniff your collar or cuff. This will help clear your nose of any lingering perfumes. Most shops have samples you can take away with you to try again at a later date. I would highly recommend doing this especially if you’re investing in an expensive fragrance.

How to apply your fragrance?

This should be applied directly to the skin on your pulse points, insides of wrists, behind your ears and throat. Applying too much can be overwhelming.

Eau de Parfum/ Eau de Toilette
Due to the lower concentration these are perfect to mist over your hair or clothing without the scent being overwhelming be careful with delicate materials as they may stain. Apply from about 20cm away from your body as this makes it absorb better. Applying too close may stop the scent from drying naturally to make it smell different.

Eau de Cologne
As it isn’t very long lasting this is best applied directly to the skin like a body spray and reapplied regularly. The most common mistake most people make when applying a scent is to rub their wrists together. This causes the different delicate notes mix together and also removes the top note making the fragrance smell different.

As well as applying like above make sure you are applying to clean unscented skin. Also apply to naturally warmer places on the body as this will increase the intensity of the scent.

Places such as your
– wrists
– inner elbow
– behind knees
– behind ears

Make your scent last longer?

To make your fragrance last longer mix a couple of drops into a fragrance – free moisturiser and apply all over. Layering your scent like this should make your scent last.

Store your fragrances in their boxes as the light reacts with the liquid making its lose its scent. 
If you have an EDT or EDP spray lightly onto a hair brush and then brush your hair as your hair moves throughout the day it will give you an extra whiff of scent.

I really hope this guide helps you. If you have any hints and tips that I have missed please leave them in the comments below! Which sort of perfume do you like best? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x