Dupe For Ciate Jellybean

We all love a dupe! Especially if you can save big money!

I love nail varnishes and am always painting my nails! I have so so many nail polishes and love purchasing new colours, textures and varieties.
However nail varnishes can  be quite expensive especially if your abit of an addict like me. So I am always over the moon when I find a dupe for one of my favorite colours.

I received Ciate’s Jellybean as a sample with Marie Claire a good few months back and love the shade so I did plan on to repurchase.

Jellybean is a beautiful bright, bubblegum pink! With an ever so slight blue hint to it. Although Ciate is extremely popular and I do love there polishes. They cost a whooping £9.00.


So when I saw this amazing dupe, I bought it straight away!
This is called Siren by Collection and costs an impressive £1.99! It is a perfect copy for Jellybean. Its the same bright bubblegum pink and even has the same blue undertones. It may be ever so slightly lighter than Jellybean but I am just blown away by how similar they are.

What do you think of these polishes, have you tried either? What are your favorite dupes? Do you think Siren is a good dupe?

Lots of Love,
Laura x