Remembrance poppies nail art

Here in the UK and all over the Commonwealth is known as Remembrance day. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is the day the First world war ended. Many brave soldiers gave there lives during The War and many wars since. Today at 11 O’clock people all over the country stood still and silent for two minutes, to pay  their respects to the millions of people who where killed, injured and are still fighting for us today, in the armed forces.

The red poppy has become an emblem of remembrance day as during the Great war. Many of the bloodiest battles were fought in Flanders, where the red flowers bloomed across many of these battlefields. There red colour reminding us of the blood spilt of those in the war.


This year I have not only been wearing my poppy. I thought I would add some poppies to my nails. I hope you like them. I personally love them and am proud to show my support to the men and women of the armed forces.

I used Barry M red glitter on my little fingers. W7 red shade on my index fingers. The other nails I painted white. On my ring finger I used the W7 nail polish to create the poppy and used a black diamonte for the center of the flower. On My thumbs I used the red glitter polish to create the poppies and also added a black diamonte.


To create the poppy shape I used the rounded end of a pin dipped in the selected nail polish. I then created a 8 shape but tried to make the top and bottom of the eight less rounded.

 I think it is so important that we never forget those who have given their lives for us, to be free as we are today. So if you would like to buy a poppy to show your respects or make a donation please visit The Royal British Legion who help so many affected by war and insure that we never forget.

Are you sporting your poppy today? are you going to have a go at this nail art idea? Have you observed the two minutes silence today?

Lots of Love,
 Laura x