Mac Riri Woo Review

After all the hype about Riri Woo last time it was launched there was no way I was missing out this time round. Plus I love the packaging of the Riri Fall collection it is stunning!

I have heard lots of mixed reviews with some people claiming its not any different from Ruby Woo. Yet when looking at swatches, I can see that they are very similar yet Riri Woo is ever so slightly darker.

Riri Woo comes in the retro matte formula. It is so Pigmented and is the prefect shade of red for any skin tone. Some Reds can be really tricky to pull of as they can make your teeth look really yellow. Yet because of the blue hint in Riri Woo this isn’t an issue. Plus the fact that it is matte makes the red look less harsh and in your face so perfect for people not used too red lipsticks.

However the matte finish shows up any dryness in your lips. You need to make sure your lips are in tiptop condition if you want to be wearing this. I did find it is hard to apply as the formula is so dry almost impossible with a lip brush ! Yet after balming them up it wasn’t an issue.


I also found it is really hard to keep within the parameter of my lips so you definitely need to use a lip liner to make the most of this lipstick. as a messy or bleeding lip line is never never a good look. plus if you do happen to go over the edge due to the dry formula you will be left with slightly stained skin. This is not one for applying on the go lol

lucky once applied this lipstick isn’t really going anywhere. Due to the formula it clings to your lips and lasts and lasts This is a picture of the lipstick nearly 4 hours after application so you shouldn’t need to reapply in a rush!

I would definitely repurchase, I love the shade! Do you own any matte lipsticks? did you find them difficult to apply?

Lots of Love,
Laura x