How to pick a hair colour? cool or warm toned

Before choosing a hair colour its important to know which skin tone you have. When picking a colour if you go for the wrong tone. It can really wash you out and ruin your chosen look. A lot of people say to make sure you colour your hair to a shade that suits you stick with ether 2 shades lighter or darker. I do agree that maybe if your inexperienced this is the best way to stopping a hair disaster but if were honest most of us would like to try a totally different look. I mean if it was the case that only two shades darker or lighter will suit you how comes Beyonce looks amazing with a honey blonde barnet. It maybe best to visit a salon or get a professional to help you on your mission to drastically change your look.


However when drastically changing your hair colour how do you know which colours will suit you. Well the answer is to look to your skin tone. once you know if you are cool or warm. picking a shade is much easier. if we go back to the example of Beyonce she has a warm skin tone and so when deciding to go blonde she picked a warm shade of blonde.

To find out what skin tone you have check out this article previously on TeaseFlutterPout. Once you have determined whether you are cool or warm toned you can know pick your colour!

No matter what your desired colour there will be a shade of that colour that will suit you and the key is to match your skin tone to the tone of the colour. So if you are warm toned you want to pick a Hair colour with tones in the warm half of the chart. If cool toned you want to underlying tones of the cool colours.

How to pick a hair colour - warm toned - cool toned - which hair colour will suit you
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Warm tones.

You want to stick to golden, copper. Golden and redder toned hair will prevent the skin appearing sallow and will make your skin tone glow.
You tend to suit butterscotch, honey and strawberry blondes. Carmel or coppery blonde tend to be the most flattering.
Look for Chestnut browns, Reddy browns and cinnamon shades.
You want red shades like copper as the reddish gold is very flattering. Stick to Orangey toned reds.

Cool tones.

As a rule you want to stick to blue or purple hues.
You tend to suit ashy tones such as sandy blonde and wheat. Aswell as Platinum and champagne blondes.
You want to avoid Reddy toned browns and stick to ash brown shades. You should look for flat browns and coffee or sandy browns.
You need to look for bluish reds like cherry, burgundy or purple toned reds.

I hope this helps you determine which shade of your chosen colour you should be looking for. Stay tuned for more hair related posts including, How to read hair colours! Aswell as how to fix certain hair colour problems.

What shade are you tempted by? Have you gone from black to blonde? Or had any drastic colour changes?
What shade suits you best?

Lots of Love,
Laura x