Has the media driven Lauren Goodger to starvation!

I feel its important to address issues that affect us young women daily. Our struggles with self esteem and body confidence are unfortunately problems which many of us suffer from. I have posted in the past about my views on what is beautiful? Also I have posted about Lauren Goodger before and how us women need to be more supportive of each other. Yet now i’m tackling the issue from a different angle, is the press to blame for our continued girl hating?

Lauren Goodger has continually suffered at the hands of online bullies and the medias constant critique with regards to her weight. Yet now it appears the pressure has got to much.

Earlier today the 27 year old tweeted that she hadn’t eaten for the past 3 days and would continue not to eat until She is left the hell alone. Here is the full screen shots of the tweets.



The Towie stars outburst is in reaction to the medias reaction to her appearance after the Inside soap awards. This is just the latest in Lauren’s struggle with the judgement of how she looks and her weight.

Yet although I totally disagree with promoting of starvation. I do think more needs to be done when it comes to the medias obsession with weight. Stars are often criticized for gaining and losing weight, being told they are a role model to young girls. Yet it appears to me the stars aren’t the ones in control of what is considered beautiful. They themselves are under the scrutiny of the world and are constantly having there bodies assessed by everyone. Many stars admit they are made to feel inadequate and feel under pressure to change themselves. When there figure doesn’t match up to the medias ideal. It seems like a dangerous chain reaction to me. If people considered to be the most beautiful in the world fall under pressure to change themselves what chance do insecure teenage girls have.

It appears Lauren thought better of the tweets deleting them and then posting an apology.

The whole episode has resulted in angry tweets, with many accusing Lauren of attention seeking. Other tweets remind the star that she is a role model to teenage girls who may also struggle with her weight. I feel angry tweets directed at Lauren aren’t the way forward. We as a culture are obsessed with how we look and nothing makes us feel better than putting others down.

 If we want to make a difference, maybe we should boycott the magazines and newspapers. Which constantly comment on celebrities weight and looks. Take the time to think how your actions and words affect others. If you were receiving millions of tweets pointing out your flaws and lots of column inches about the size of your belly. How would you feel?

What are your views on this issue? Do you Feel sorry for Lauren? Who is to blame for the lack of body confidence in our generation? What do you think needs or can be done?

Lots of Love
Laura x