Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

I love liquid eyeliner, for some reason I never feel like my make up is totally finished without it. Over the years I’ve tried nearly every type available. I love the wide variety of looks you can achieve.

This felt eyeliner is from collection and is such a bargain at £1.99. It is so much easier to apply eyeliner with the felt tip type eyeliner rather than with a brush. It saves alot of time and also is alot less messy. Once practiced in using it you’ll find that looks you can achieve are limitless. Previously I was using Gosh eyeliner pens, which I received to review months ago and really enjoyed using them so had repurchased them several times you can find the review here

Yet since buying this, I doubt I will be buying a more expensive version again. This works just as well for half the price. I did worry that the nib would lose pigment quickly. As with other cheaper versions I have bought have, yet this didn’t. If the labels had been removed I would have thought I was using a expensive eyeliner. One of the major issues I have with eyeliner, is smudging as I often get watery eyes. Yet this also wasn’t an issue.

This is without a doubt the best value for money felt eyeliner I have used and will now be the only one I will buy. I have tried many of these eyeliners now and this competes with even high end eyeliners I have owned.  If you are like me and love creating a cat eye this product is a must try. I wont be paying extra anymore, I’m so glad I gave it ago.

Have you tried this eyeliner? what is your favourite budget buy? have you bought something which has blown your more expensive products out of the water?

Lots of Love,
Laura x