Born Lippy strawberry lip balm

When it comes to lipcare I’m particularly fussy. I love wearing lippies and lipglosses. Yet when wearing lip products nothing ruins the look as quickly as having sore or chapped lips. In the winter my lips get really chapped due to the cold weather and the air conditioning. This leaves all my skin dry but lips suffer the most.

When out and about and my lips are sore, lip balm is the only product that not only soothes my lips but makes them look attractive. Lipstick makes it look worse and lipglosses can appear moisturising but they are actually very drying, so best avoided if  lips aren’t in tip top condition. Not only that but if you’re going to be doing a lot of kissing sticky lip gloss just won’t cut it.

My solution is this lip balm by the body shop it’s called Born Lippy and has a cute picture of an open pouty pair of lips. It has a tasty strawberry flavour which is sure to keep any person kissing u coming back for more.

It is bright red in the pot but leaves a slight red tint on your lips. The colour in the pot can be quite intimidating but the colour is actually really wearable. Its perfect for keeping those lips looking as kissable as there is nothing as attractive as a soft chapped free slightly rosy pair of lips.

This has become a Beauty Lovers favourite and at only £2.00 its a must have. Have you tried this lip balm? Which lip products do you love?

Lots of Love,
Laura x