My First Major Panic attack

I was so shocked when chatting on twitter to find out how many of you also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I decided I would write this post ages ago. I received so many messages from you all saying you would like to hear my story. I have really struggled to find the words. It also really hard to sort of know where to start So I thought, What I’d do is to separate into major events and turning points in my mental health story.

My first ever major attack happened It was totally out of the blue, well it appeared so at the time. I’d just gotten on the bus to go work when all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe and came over all dizzy. I stood up to get off the bus after only 3 stops and then I passed out! If that wasn’t embarrassing enough everyone was staring at me and nobody offered to help! Until one elderly lady who had just got on shouted at everyone saying how could they all just leave me on the floor! I was mortified and really scared as I didn’t no what was happening.

The Lady was really kind and got off the bus with me, sat me down and stayed with me till I calmed down. Then walked with me part of the way home, I was an emotional wreck shaking and crying. Then I had to phone work and tell them what had happened and explain why I wouldn’t be attending work that day.

Do you suffer from anxiety? have you or anyone you know experienced a panic attack?

Lots of Love,
Laura x

If you are suffering, remember you are not alone and talking about it can make the world of difference! If we are all more open with our mental health problems, this will help break down the stigma attached to it!