What shape brows suit you?

Every natural brow is different in shape, hair type and colour. It has been said it looks odd if your brows are exactly the same and you should aim to make them very similar looking sisters lol. To achieve the most flattering effect, you need to consider both facial and eye type.

There are five basic eyebrow shapes, with many variations on each one!

Round brows curve over the eye without a defined arch. This softens the face, adding roundness. This shape helps tone down sharp facial features such as a pointed nose or chin.

As these brows slope in an upwards direction.This draws peoples eyes upwards giving a more youthful appearance. The sharp peak creates a strong brow that works well with other strong features like a square jawline. This look can also make a face appear thinner, so would work well on a round or square face shape.

Soft Angled 
This is seen as the most classic shape,Similar to the angled with a softer arch and more subtle peak. This gives the face a soft feminine look. This works well on most face shapes.The softness of the arch and the exposed brow bone makes the eyes appear larger.

These brows dip slightly before rising and creating a defined arch. Can be really flattering on a oval or square face.

This shape makes a face appear shorter and perfect for longer faces. Eyebrows must be groomed as they can make eyes appear smaller.

The aim of the shapes is to make whatever face shape you have appear more oval. Which is the most sort after face shape. To find out what face shape you have click here

What shape eyebrows do you like? What shape do you have at the moment?
Stay tuned for more updated on face shapes and eyebrows!

Lots of love,
Laura x