Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel – Cream Massager

I like I’m sure many of us do I suffer from the awful curse of a womanhood cellulite. A few years ago I didn’t have  a millimetre of the stuff and didn’t understand how annoying this blooming stuff is. Everyone used to say Oh Laura you’ll never get it if you don’t already have it but as I have gotten older. I find it has made itself at home on my thighs and bum. It now appears to be quite settled in and keen on raising children Lol.

I know exercise is the way forward and have asked my good friend and personal trainer Chloe to come up with a routine targeting cellulite areas affected. I thought I might get her to do another guest post explaining the best exercises to remove it. If you haven’t already have a glimpse of her summer body work out post here

In the meantime there must be something I can do to improve the look of my orange peel thighs! So when in the body shop chatting to the lovely staff at the lakeside branch. I asked if they had anything that they could recommend. The assistant I was talking to showed me one of the body shops latest products called Spa Fit firming and toning gel. At £19.00 it isn’t cheap but she assured me she used it herself and could see an improvement.

I got myself a bottle praying this would at least help while waiting for the results of exercise and diet. The bottle has a massager attached to the bottle and the product is released directly on to this. The massager helps you work the product into the skin and is hard enough to help break up the cellulite.


The body shop say:  Twist the applicator to release the gel-cream. Massage into thighs using a using firm, circular motion, working up to the buttocks. Finish the application with hands using light, upward strokes until all the gel-cream is absorbed.

This zesty gel-cream is a wake-up call for the body. Use it with its integrated massage applicator to leave skin feeling firmer and looking more toned.

  • Makes skin feel firmer
  • Leaves skin looking more toned
  • Integrated massage applicator
  • Caffeine and citrus ingredients
  • Zesty scent

When using you feel a ever so slight tingling sensation and the zesty scent is really lovely. I noticed an improvement in the skin after just one use the massager left my skin slightly red but this soon calmed down. My skin looked and felt firmer to touch. I love this product and without a doubt would recommend to anyone with similar problems. I will continue to use and hopefully I will have amazing legs with the help of this and my exercises.

Have you tired this product? What do you use to get rid of cellulite? Have you found a cheaper alternative?

Lots of Love,
Laura x