New Look Festival Fashion

As you are probably aware If you read my blog regularly I love New Look! They are always reasonable in price, yet they only sell products of high quality and of the latest styles.

New Look Have published The Evolution of Festival Fashion

Obviously Kate moss has got be be the queen of festival carefree cool. Still worshiped now for her style. Kate was without a doubt the Cover girl of the 90’s. So baring all that in mind and the fact I’m a fellow 90’s girl. Britpop will have to be my favourite festival era of fashion. There is something ever so sexy about a girl that looks like they haven’t made an effort but still looks stylish.

After Looking at the timeline, I started thinking about my all time favorite festival outfit and for me it’s got to be Sienna Miller at Glastonbury in 2004.

This has got to be one of her most iconic outfits She rocked the bohemian look and looked effortlessly cool. Sienna has been many a girls festival inspiration. She is the only person to rival Kate Moss when it comes to this sort of look, don’t you agree?

which era is your favourite on the timeline? do you agree with me that Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are the queens of festival looks? if not who’s look Festival look do you love the most?

Lots of Love,
Laura x