YSL baby doll mascara

I love a good mascara and probably spend more money on my eye make up than any other! I cant get enough of thick long dark lashes.
When I saw YSL had bought out a new mascara I really couldn’t resist giving it ago. There other mascaras have been amazing with faux clis being my absolute favourite mascara ever invented.

At £24.00 its quite expensive available in some stunning shades, I was tempted to be more adventurous than go with the usual black but because of the price I thought I’d get more wear of black.

I love the smell of YSL products so firstly I had to give it a good sniff! I wasn’t disappointed and was greeted with a pleasant, clean and slightly floral smell. The packaging is beautiful as you would expect from YSL! The iconic gold remains with baby doll written on the tube.

The brush isn’t as thick as I was expecting and yet its bristles are chunky. I’m not normally much of a fan of rubber brushes as I love wen you can feel the brush grabbing hold of your lashes as it coats them. This isn’t an issue with this brush as with its mix of different sized bristles it really does get right in your lashes. I didn’t experience any clumps, the brush really does define each individual lash, giving you a full fanned look.



The formula is thick and really can be quite messy but with practice and time to apply it , it shouldn’t be too much of problem. I do find that all YSL mascaras take abit of time to get the technique right, yet once you have the perfected it you will be left with a wide eyed effect. One of the best ways to tackle this is to remove some of the mascara from the brush as it does build up quite quickly.

Overall I really like this mascara if you like the look individual eyelash extensions this is the perfect mascara for you.

Have you tired this mascara? What’s your favourite high end mascara?

Lots of Love,
Laura x