What skin tone do you have?

When considering a new colour for your hair, its really important to take into consideration your skin tone. Have you ever coloured your hair with what appears to suit the pale girl on the box but leaves you looking like the living dead? This may be due to your skin tone.

So although your friend and you may have the same depth of colour if you have  different tones the colour may look different on you both. Have you always worn a pink blusher but  when  you have borrowed your friends it  makes your skin look flat, this could be because you may have  the same skin shade but different skin tone.

A lot of people get confused as skin shade and skin tone are very different you may be fair with a cool, neutral or warm undertone. To find out what skin colouring you have please follow as I will be doing a post on this soon!

Once you have worked out these things you shouldn’t struggle with picking colours to suit your skin again. what a relief!

Here are some techniques to help find out which skin tone you have. Firstly remove all make up and fake tan from your skin so you see your natural skin.
Take a good look at your natural eye colour and think about your natural hair colour.

Cool tones
Usually have blue, green, cool brown eyes
Hair is normally blonde, black or brown.
The hair often has blue, sliver or ash/mousey undertones.
skin is pink or rosy coloured.

Warm tones
Usually have dark brown, hazel, amber eyes.
Hair is normally brown, black, golden blonde.
The hair often has orange, yellow, red or golden undertones.
Skin is golden or apricot coloured.

1. What colour do your veins look?

This is one way you have probably tried before. Yet it can be a bit confusing as to what exactly you are looking for. Have a look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins appear more greenish this indicates a yellow tone which would mean you have a warm tone. More blue looking this would imply your skin has blue ‘cool’ undertones.

2. Your skin against white test.

There are 2 ways to do this test you can hold up a piece of white paper next to your skin and take note of whether your skin appears more yellow or golden if this is the case it would suggest a warm tone. If your skin has a pink or a bluey red tinge to it this would suggest a cool tone.

The other way of doing this test is to try on a brilliant white top and an off colour white top. if you look better in the whitest top then you may have a cool tone. if the off white looks best then it may be you have a warm tone. If you cant tell maybe ask a friend to help. also if you look good in both you may have neutral skin tone.

3. Silver or gold? 

Which colour jewellery do you wear? you probably already have a preference towards silver or gold jewellery. if you look good in both then you more than likely to have a neutral skin tone. silver looks best on a cool skin tone. where as gold looks better on warm skin tones.

4. Look behind your ear.

Pretty much impossible on your own but get a friend to help. Pull your ear forward so you can see the skin in the crease. What colour is the skin there. The same rules as before apply yellowy skin = warm, pinky =cool.

Still not sure?
If you are still unsure you are more than likely neutral toned. You may lean towards warm or cool but generally you look good in any colour lucky you!

If you still are struggling then ask at your local beauty salon or most make up counters will be willing to help you.
Which skin tone do you have? Did you find this helpful? Do you know any other ways to workout your skin tone?

Lots of Love,
Laura x