The best hairstyles to suit your face shape

There are many things that should influence the style of hair cut you go for these include your lifestyle, hair patterns, as well as the shape of your face. If you don’t know which face shape you have please check out my post here to help you find out.

Oval Face Shape – If you are lucky enough to have an oval shaped face, the shape of your face wont influence the type of hair style suited to you. This face shape presents the fewest problems and limitations to style selection.

Long Face Shape – Shorter length cuts suit this face shape best as longer styles may drag the face down. Avoid centre partings aswell this also makes face appear longer. If you want a longer style it will look better with softer layers on this face shape. With any style aim to add width rather than height.

Round Face Shape – Rounder faces need height to even out the width of the face. Hairstyles that are cut too short tend to draw attention to the widest part of the face. Longer lengths at the sides of the face a better option. A choppy sweeping fringe adds angles to a round face making for a flattering look.

Square Face Shape -If you have a square face shape you need rounder edges with texture on to the face to soften a heavier jawline. Longer styles with lots of layers soften the face. Wavy styles also look flattering, avoid blunt cuts.

Triangular Face Shape – Added height in a style will compensate for the width. If you have a triangular face shape you may well have a pointed chin. If this is the case avoid short layers framing the face as this draws attention to the chin.

 Has this helped you? do you agree with which styles suit which face shape?

lots of love,
Laura x