My summer sandals

I love anything girlie and loved the whole jelly trend is back. I was often seen in primary school rocking my sliver sparkly jellies with my big frilly socks.

Yet when the trend hit this time round, I was excited but abit nervous. Ever heard the saying If you wore the trend first time round you should give it a miss the second time lol. I know I was only a youngster last time but I don’t want to look like a right wally.

It seemed like all my shoe prayers where answered when I saw these Jelly Sandals from Ted Baker in Office. I had been wanting a pair of ankle strap sandals for the summer aswell these ticked all of these trends and look so so cute with the black bow and Ted Baker badge.


A good friend of mine has a pair very similar and said to me that they leave your feet smelling really bad. Even after washing the sandals retained the smell. Well Mr Baker Must have heard her because they have solved this issue by making the sandals scented. Yes you read it correctly my new shoes are scented with the smell of watermelon lol. I didn’t know this when I bought them but the packaging does say they are good enough to eat. With big juicy watermelons all over the box then with a tiny little label stating scented at the bottom.

My dreams appear to have been answered on my quest for summer sandals. Yet I still find myself looking at other jellies so who knows I may add some others to my collection.

Have you found the perfect sandal? What are your views on Jellies? Love or loathe them let me know!

Lots of love,
Laura x