Losing the Louboutins

I like most have known somebody affected directly or indirectly from cancer. It’s heartbreaking to see the sorrow and devastation this horrid disease brings. Yet Through all the sadness you can always rely on the likes of Marie Curie cancer care to support you in this difficult time.

They provide an amazing service to the patients and their families, supplying the highest quality care and support.
Two girls, who unfortunately know the heartache, this disease brings is two cousins Natasha Lynch and Kerrie Powell. Also know as Team Losing the Louboutins. Unfortunately their beloved grandfather aswell as two other family members have been diagnosed with Cancer. Not ones to sit and wallow in the sadness of their families situation. The brave girls have decided to fight back by trekking across the Sahara Desert in October 2013. They hope their efforts will raise funds for Marie Curie.

“It feels apparent more than ever to do our bit. The trek itself is going to be physically and mentally challenging but nothing compared to the pain those directly affected by cancer.”

I’m sure you will agree these beautiful women need our support. To show you aren’t just going to sit back but help fight against cancer you can now buy one of the Losing the Louboutins beautiful bracelets. Exquisitely designed by Fleur from Rocks ‘n’ Chains 50% of the proceeds will go to Marie Curie. So not only do you get a beautiful bracelet you are making a difference.

The design features haematite which promotes Love, protection and healing. As well as crystal which reflects the light beautifully. Portraying the message that there is still hope and beauty through dark times. Very poignant considering the families personal struggle and the struggle of all those affected by cancer.
In a very similar style to the celebrity fave Tresor Paris bracelets, these are perfect for this and many seasons to come. The bracelets themselves are beautifully made and of such a high standard I’m thoroughly impressed. Plus the fact a percentage of the proceeds go to charity. Makes it a must have. I will be wearing mine with pride and showing my support to an amazing Charity, the beautiful Natasha and Kerrie and everyone effected by cancer.

I would personally like to thank the girls for making a difference. We all are proud of your courage and bravery. I think you will agree with me, if you would like to tweet the girls you can at @LtheL13 
Please help Losing the Louboutins by donating on their just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/LosingtheLouboutins
To purchase any of the bracelets visit 
Lots of love,
Laura x