Hey everyone,

I need your help which of these glasses suit me best! The kind people at www.specspost.co.uk have sent me three pairs of frames, so I can choose which ones I like. Then I’ll send the frames back with my eye prescription and they will send me my new glasses!
I’m putting the decision totally in your hands! Out of the three frames you get to pick which you think I should keep and then the ones with the most votes are the ones ill pick.
If you are looking for some new glasses check out Specspost as they have amazing glasses at such low prices! All you need is to get your eyes tested and ask for a copy of you’re prescription. A copy of your eye test results shouldn’t cost you a thing! And then pick your frames from the many brands available on Specspost!
I am shocked at the amount of money that can be saved by getting my glasses this way instead of in-store!
so get voting and ill let you know which ones you picked.

Lots of Love,
Laura x