Johnson’s Daily Essentials hydrating 24 hour day cream.

If you’re anything like me you will at some point have used Johnson products. The smell alone is hard enough to resist let alone the thought of baby soft skin.Well on a recent trip to the shops I noticed Johnsons have their very own moisturising face cream with a spf 15. This 24 hour moisturiser was an amazing 2 pounds.
I was very surprised that I hadn’t seen their adult skincare range sooner. Yet I’m so glad I found it eventually as I can’t get enough.
Johnsons have proved yet again why they are such a trusted brand, only releasing products that work and are a pleasure to use. This nourishing cream is a product your skin will love and your bank balance will adore.Once tried I’d be surprised if you would continue to pay the extreme prices some companies charge.
Filled to the brim with ingredients and minerals you can’t go wrong with this miracle cream
The packaging is simple but classy. An understated glass jar with a pink lid, which will not look out of place among your other lotions and potions.The cream is thick and smells divine, leaving your skin moisturised yet non greasy. My skin was left as soft and as smooth as dare I say it a babies bottom lol.
This is a product I would recommend to anyone with dry, normal or combination skin. I am such a fan of this product it is amazing both in quality and price. This cream is now my skincare must have and has pride of place with my other daily go to products.

Have you tired this moisturiser? What is your favourite budget skincare product? Do you love any other Johnsons products?

lots of love,
Laura x