What I wore In the snow – O.O.T.D

It is so difficult to know what to wear when the weather is snowy and freezing cold! Its not so bad when your just going out to play in the snow (who really cares what you look like, its to much fun lol) Yet on a day to day basis when you have to go out and look presentable. You can feel like a mad massive eskimo lol

My greatest bit of advice is layer upon layer wear vests and t-shirts under your clothes then you dont need to  look like your going on a trek to the north pole! I wear long socks that go over my knees under my trousers and then fluffy socks over the top lol! If anything sometimes I get too hot lol

I love wearing colours and hate that so many warm clothes are such drab colours! so to cheer myself up and add some colour. I wore some woolly leggings that my mother got me for Christmas, my hunter wellies with a black jumper and a red cardigan!

What do you think? What have you been wearing?

Lots of Love
Laura x