New year’s resolutions

Hey my bunch of beauties! 

 After over indulging in December I thought I should set myself some rules for 2013! So here are my New Year Resolutions! 

 number 1 = Cut down fizzy drinks and drink more water, I’m going to aim for at least 5 glasses a day Beauty starts from within and all that. 

 number 2 = Be more consistent with my beauty regime. My poor Dave has a week of me being glamorous then a week of me being a tramp lol. 

 number 3 = Be more adventurous, sometimes I can be too practical and a bit of a grandma lol.

 number 4= Start planning my wedding been engaged over a year now, i need to pull my finger out.    

 number 5 = Stop picking my nail varnish off, its a naughty habit that has appeared from nowhere!   

 number 6 = Focus on my blog more, at least 2 posts a week!

 number 7 = Stick with my fitness plan, I’m easily distracted lol! 


 I think seven is more than enough! Wish me luck! what are your new years resolutions? Any tips on how to keep them??

 Lots of Love
 Laura x