Goodbye Chapped Lips

In the winter months during previous years, I have really suffered with chapped lips. The freezing temperatures and central heating play havoc with my normally soft lips!

This year I decided enough was enough so I decided to try and find the best lip care for winter months. I have tried lip balm, lip salve, lip conditioners the list goes on. I have tried to find the best of the best!

So here is my pick of the best lip care around!

Vaseline lip care pink bubbly! This is a normal tub of Vaseline that leaves your lips with a slight pink tint! As far as I’m concerned Vaseline is an oldie but a goodie. One of the best lip care products available. It is meant to smell like pink champers but it smells more flowery to me but that doesn’t alter the fact it smells gorgeous. Perfect for everyday use or to give a natural slightly pink glossy lip, While moisturising your lips, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Carmex, this has been around for years, yet is still one of the best! this American lip balm was made to relieve the symptoms of cold sores yet was found to leave the lip intensely moisturised, So if you suffer with cold sores this is a must! If not then it is still worth a buy as it leaves your lips really soft. I love the tingling feeling that you get when applying on your lips! A must have with many celebs all over the world. also available in strawberry flavour in a squeezy tube perfect for traveling around with, or just to throw in your handbag

Vitamin E lip balm, from The Body Shop. This is becoming a favourite with make up artists and beauty fans alike. Amazing to prime lips before applying lipstick for a flawless smooth look. It has no flavour or colour so is perfect for applying before bed with your night cream for hydrated lips all day and night. Really is a savior for dry chapped lips and suitable for men as well as it doesn’t leave a glossy finish

Hope this helps your lips stay lush all year round! What are you fave lip balm type products?

lots of love,
Laura x