Sexy Mother Pucker

I love soap and glory products, they look gorgeous and smell great. Yet are they worth the extra money in a word, YES! Without a doubt in some of their products that extra 2 pound or so makes it superior to other cheaper brands. 
So what about the extremely popular lip plumping lip gloss, called sexy mother pucker! Well I’m undecided  They look amazing and the colours are perfect for all occasions. I love the fact each different colour has a different flavour each smelling and tastes as good as the next. yet the range of colours are quite limited. the flavours although yummy are abit young and sickly, I don’t imagine my mum would want chocolate orange flavoured lips.
When on the lips you get a tingly feeling, which is meant to indicate that its working. Many people cant stand the sensation, some even describing it as painful. I can imagine it might hurt on sore chapped lips  It took abit of getting used too but I quite like the feeling. 
Yet does it actually work. Well I don’t know if it was because I was more aware of my pout with all the tingling or if it worked but my lips did look noticeably fuller.
The gloss looks lovely and shiny aswell making your lips look very kissable. Yet if you plan on doing any kissing do not wear this lip gloss! my partner is now refusing to kiss me if I’m wearing this sticky stuff lol. He hates the feeling of sticky lips and this gloss is thick and sticky lol.
Also also beware hair is majorly attracted to this gloss never a good look but easily made worse by wind and drunk dancing (might just be me lol)
It is a little expensive for what it is, at £9.00.  I wouldn’t bother buying it again!
I’m still on the hunt for the perfect lip plumper. have you found it? what do you think about this lipgloss? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x