Max Factor eye brightening mascara for Green Eyes

I have greeny blue eyes so was I thought I’d be perfect for trying a mascara like this as you would be able to see if it did actually accentuate one of this colours. so I picked the one for green eyes, which promises to brighten green eyes with its ruby tones.

 I have tried this mascara with no eyeshadow on, with full make up  and my normal everyday make up, plus in the day and evening. I Thought this would make the test fairer as my eye colour also looks different lights.

The packaging is nice which I have come to expect with max factor. The brush is a plastic one which I’m not to keen on as I like my lashes to have alot of volume and find you never get this effect as easily with these wands. The actually mascara looks really reddish on the wand.  Yet does appear red on your lashes it looks more like a soft black which is quite nice for a daytime or natural look.

As I suspected I didn’t get much volume with the brush but after a couple of coats the lashes did look thicker without looking clumpy and my lashes did look really long. With a more separated look than I normally go for but I really did like the finished look.

When on its on with no other eye make up. it didn’t really make my eyes look any more green maybe ever so slightly. It did really seem to make the whites of  my eyes look brighter. I didn’t really think my eyes looked different in my normal make up but did have someone comment on how lovely my eyes looked so not a complete fail lol. When combined with eye shadow for green eyes , this mascara came into its own the green colour stood out alot more. 

I would say it definatley does work and if used on greener eyes than mine would give a stunning look. Making your eyes appear much more green. 

Have you tried this mascara? Whats you’re fave mascara? 

lots of love,
Laura x