Nails of the week!

Hey everyone this is post is abit over due as I didn’t do my nails of the week last week, sorry!

Well as we had fireworks night last week and Diwali starting today. November’s fireworks aren’t over yet! I thought I’d have to do sparkly nails to match and this colour 100% fit the bill! It has green blue and gold glittery bits in it which I thought is very much like the colour of fireworks! Its by W7 which is a brand available at many different stores! I got this from peacocks for £2.50, which is a bargain. Yet  if you really want to scoop a bargain they often sell this brand in pound land for you guessed it one pound! So next time your in the highstreet have a quick nosy.


 As with all glitter nail varnishes, they appear to chip much quicker than normal polishes, but the coverage is great and the bottle doesnt look cheap and nasty. Not the best polish I have tried but for a pound I think its well worth a buy even if only for the amazing range unique of colours they sell!

What colour are you wearing this week? Do you own any w7 nail varnishes?

lots of love,
Laura x