my brow views

Eyebrows are so important they help to frame your face and since eyes are the windows to your soul you wouldn’t want them to look scruffy lol! Honestly the difference to your face through changing your eyebrows is amazing they can help open your eyes and change the look of your face shape! I always look at women’s eyebrows and if they are bushy and messy, I do tend to think she doesn’t take as much pride in her appearance as women with neat and tidy brows.

I’m defiantly not one to follow trends, I think eyebrows are very personal and unique  I don’t agree that the same style brows will suit everyone. So I think its important to stick to what suits you. Some women can pull of an big and bold brow and others just cant. So stick to what suits you best and I don’t think you can go wrong.

There are so many obstacle’s in the quest for the perfect brow! What issues do you have? What do find is holding you back from getting your ideal brow?

lots of love,
Laura x