I love.. strawberries and milkshake body butter! Well actually i hate it lol


I hate writing bad reviews but I can’t really find anything positive about this product apart from the pink on the label! I have tried a few i love products before and really liked the so while out shopping and I spotted I love strawberries and milkshake body butter.

I was excited to try as I thought it appeared to be a cheaper version of the body shop strawberry body butter which I do love. How wrong was I, it isn’t a butter at all its more of a whipped body cream so it absorbed quickly into the skin without a long lasting moisturising effect .

 Plus the smell was awful! Honestly I hope mine was part of a bad batch or something as I don’t understand who wants to smell like the morning after a big night out. It for some reason smells really alcoholic with a faint off strawberry smell. I hated it so much I felt like having another bath to get rid of the smell. Yet lucky the smell didn’t last long at all, well I still smelt like an alcoholic with booze seeping out of my pores but the rotten strawberries had gone.

 In all I lasted an hour with this on before having to wash it off. I am so disappointed with this and to top it all off I then got a massive headache must be from all the booze lol!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Was mine just a bad batch?

Lots of love,
Laura x