GOSH eyeliners


I was sent these awhile ago but I have been using these religiously since I got them. I don’t normal like pen liners but I cant deny they are so easy to use. They are a brilliant way to achieve perfectly applied eyeliner with minimum fuss! I love how you can still be as creative as you would with a brush with no mess. I thought u would be limited to the amount of looks you could achieve as the nib on others i have used have been really thick. This not the case, the nib is flexible but not weak so you get even application.

 I found these to be versatile and I was able to achieve a variety of looks. After weeks of use the nib is still strong, not frayed which has happened with lots of ones I have previously tried. Also the nibs tend to lose there pigment so you have to go over the same spot several times. This didn’t happen at all with these eyeliners, the pigment is brilliant and the colour lasts all day with out smudging or running. Which is a major problem for me as I often get watery eyes. I would without a doubt go and purchase these now I have tried them, I’m addicted.

Have you tried these? what are your fave eyeliners?
lots of love 
Laura x