Fat Hair Mousse

I love a mousse if you want a blowdry to last and your volume to last its a must! There are so many different ones on the market. I have tried alot some I have liked, some I have loathed, this I loved! I found this one in Superdrug, for about £5.00.

I must warn you do not be tempted to give a big squirt as this mousse does defiantly expand! I found that I don’t need to use nearly as much as I do with other brands. So it lasts, big deal I hear you say. Why would I spend more on a mousse for that reason? Well this mousse claims to Transform baby fine hair into thick, luxurious hair. quite a claim! Well I did think this might be a bit over dramatic!Yet I did find that when using this, I did notice that I appeared to have more and thicker hair! The baby hairs didn’t appear as sparse or as fluffy looking. The same can be said for broken hairs, my hair is stressed, over bleached and I’m often left with little broken hairs around my hairline. The mousse did make these look 100% better!

 My hair looked so much more healthy. my style lasted, my hair didn’t fall flat even in windy, rainy weather! So all round its a winner! I will without a doubt be repurchasing  If you buy this mousse, I can not stress enough don’t use to much or you will end up with crispy hair and sticky hands. Never a good look!

lots of love
Laura x

Have you tried this? What are your must have hair products?