Be kinder to yourself!


I have previously written posts about how I believe girls should be nicer to each other. Today I thought  I would do a post about being nicer to yourself.

I honestly believe us girls are too hard on ourselves. We live in a have it all culture. We are lead to believe we should have a high flying career, flawless skin, money in the bank and all the latest must have gadgets. The media portray a certain image of what we should aspire to and we are constantly putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Yet not even the richest, prettiest or skinniest celebs aren’t perfect and we should learn to love ourselves as we are.

I’m as guilty as anyone in striving for perfection and feeling inadequate when I fall short. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to improve yourself but I have seen how this image of how we all should be can lead to girls hating themselves.Why do we place our worth in how we look, how much money we earn or what possessions we have. The beauty and celebrity industries are constantly laying on the pressure of how we should be, I do believe that making the most of yourself can make you feel great but trying to be someone else will lead to nothing but unhappiness.

I have been trying a new way of thinking and I think we should all give it ago. Every time you feel or think something negative about yourself, say stop in your head. Then think of something you have done well or a time when you were really happy and focus on that. Negative thinking is a vicious cycle and its all about breaking the cycle and eventually you will think these negative thoughts less and less. Dwelling on things that are wrong or your imperfection’s is a downward spiral the more you think about it the more of a problem it becomes.

Its defiantly worth a try and even if it doesn’t stop the thoughts coming, at least you wont be concentrating on things that make you unhappy.
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I am giving this a really go and I hope you will aswell! Do you have anythings you do to make you feel better about yourself? will you try this?

lots of love
Laura x

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