Sleep-in Rollers

I’m sure you all know by now I love big hair. Nothing makes me happier than shiny bouncy hair.  I’m often found with my rollers in, or quickly tonging my hair. Or sitting with my heated curlers secured to my head. Yet alas effortless big bouncy looks often take forever to achieve, plus all the heat doesn’t help your hair stay beautiful and healthy. Like most of us I’m sure you own a pair a Velcro rollers but which of course add no heat so are a much kinder way to give body to your locks. However washing, drying and applying your rollers is so much of a faff, can any of us really be bothered to do this every morning. I’m sure loads of you like me have slept in your rollers, your hair might be beautiful in the morning but you never get a good nights sleep as they are so uncomfy they annoy you all night !


So when I found sleep rollers, I knew I had to have them. They don’t require heat, so no heat damage! Plus they actually are quite comfy to sleep in! Heavenly what more could you want! I’m not going to lie and say you will get the best sleep ever but once I got used to them I had a good nights kip. They appear to get softer and easier to sleep in after a few uses.They are Velcro rollers with a sponge inside, so they flatten when you lay on them!  Sleep Rollers give you beautiful body and I loved the results especially because it was so easy to achieve!


I bought mine from sallys but the sleep roller phenomenon is spreading fast so the rollers are now available in many different places, aswell as online!

Have you tired them? Do you like big and bouncy hair?
Let me know your thoughts,

Lots of Love,
Laura x