Lynx Attract for women

I dont really know why I was so excited to try this? but I was. I think its because I love to try any new to the market! Lynx have been around for yonks but this is the first body spray for women.

Lynx say Lynx Attract For Him and For Her are packed with such irresistible scents that men and women throughout the UK will not be able to keep their hands off each other, creating chaos in everyday life. Well suposedly lol! I have worn it out and no man has grabbed me yet, thankfully! lol Lynx Attract For Her body spray is made to perfectly complement the male scent which I have carefully avoided as I DONT WANT TO START TOUCHING RANDOM MEN LOL!

A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. Its a fruity, floral and woody fragrance. Which is a really nice smell but not anything new. It reminds me of an Impulse body spray (don’t know which one, but a nice one). It really does work well as a deodorant probably due to the fact that Lynx have been covering up the sweaty smell of teenage boys for years. lol! Unlike the male Lynx which can be continue to be overpowering after a little while the woman’s is light, yet strong enough to cover any odours. The scent lasts allday and doesn’t disappear like normal women’s body sprays! All in all I’m impressed and smelling fresh! Maybe Lynx might want to rethink this being a limited edition and start selling more body spray for us girls!

Have you tired it? Which body sprays do you love?

lots of love
Laura x