jacket of the season!


Autumn has officially hit the UK and many of  us are venturing out to pick up a new jacket to help fight of the cold. Which sort of jacket should you get? Well military is a big look this season as is leather so You cant go wrong with the casual coat of the season. The safari jacket! which is a mix of the two with a khaki coat with leather sleeves.


A fave with the likes of Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba. So many celebs are sporting the look you cant ignore this must have look! This look has been about for a while now but doesn’t look to be disappearing so its time to invest, as the trend hots up and the temperature drops!


Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea sported this look a while back and was wearing the Zara version but there a copies popping up all over. If you have been out and about shopping you would have seen how many there are out there.

One of my fave ever bloggers has also done a post on safari jackets have a look here LolaRose!

I got mine from Primark and I love it! Have you invested in a new jacket? What do you think of the trend? will you be buying one?

Lots of Love,
Laura x