Hey Everyone!
Yesterday, something I had been excitedly waiting for, popped through my door. Its from Dirty dolly Jewellery, they have a really quirky, adorable website. All of the pieces are really reasonably priced as well. I love so many pieces on there its hard to choose what i want most! I was lucky enough to win this bracelet on a twitter giveaway and I have been wearing it since I got it. Skulls are really in at that min so these sweet little bracelets are a fun way to keep up to date without spending lots of money.

I am loving here vintage looking pieces and they are already on my wish list. I also love there scrabble collection! I wont lie I love all of the Dirty dolly jewellery. I really believe there is something for everyone on this website. 
I’m really pleased to announce that Dirty dolly is releasing an exclusive French range. These Oui and Nom bracelets are part of this range and I think you will agree with me when I say, I can’t wait to see the rest of the range. 

Dirty dolly jewellery is definitely a brand to watch out for. Created by the lovely sisters Leoni and Gemma. The creative flare the sisters possess, will without doubt take them far. I love how the jewellery is unqiue. You wont be seeing every other girl with the same jewellery as you which is so refreshing. In my opinion buying any of there jewellery will be an investment as they will soon be a household name.

Let me know what you think of the pieces on the website! Have you bought anything from the site yet? What bits are you lusting after?
Lots of Love
Laura x