What’s the cause of your skin problem?

Skin damage and problems can occur for a variety of reasons. Yet when you have a problem area of skin, its hard to know why that is. Is the fact you keep getting clogged pores because of your diet or another reason. Take a look below.

Over stretching of the skin or the skin feeling really tight. Can be a sign your exposing your skin to too much heat and steam.
Lots of spots or really sensitive skin could be a reaction to a new product used or incorrect use of product. Always follow manufacturers instructions and buy products for your skin type. To find out what skin type you have take a look at my recognising your skin type blog.

If you have uneven skin tone and premature ageing. This could be a sign of excessive exposure to the sun or sunbeds. This causes the break down of collagen and elastin which supports the skin.

Clogged and blocked pores excessive lines. A tendency to have spots may have allergic reactions. This can be caused by smoking and drinking to much alcohol.

Dehydrated skin and the over production of oils can be caused by air pollution.

To reduce these skin problems and others follow my skin care routine regime. If you have any skin problems that you are worried about, or your not sure what is causing it, leave a comment or message me and I will do all I can to help.

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Lots of Love,
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