Top uses for Vaseline


Most households own a pot of Vaseline. If you don’t there are so many uses for this cheap product, only 99p for a small pot. I definitely recommend purchasing. Here is a list of my favourite uses for Vaseline.

  • Lengthen the life of perfume. if you find the smell of perfume disappears to quickly dab your finger in Vaseline then apply to your wrists, neck etc then spray your perfume on top it will hold the smell for longer. 

  • Tame your brows. stick a tiny bit of Vaseline on your finger and run over your brows to smooth and set them. Much cheaper than eyebrow gel.

  • If you squeeze a spot, dab a thin layer of Vaseline on it to keep from scabbing over.

  • Lessen the pain from plucking. Coat the area in Vaseline first for quicker less painful removal.

  • Got a gorgeous ring and cant get it off Vaseline is a good lubricant. So apply to your finger and it should help remove it

  • Remove make-up. You can use Vaseline to take off mascara, eye-liner, lipstick, foundation etc. Just be careful not to get any in your eyes.

  • Stop the lids sticking shut on your nail varnish. Put a coat of Vaseline around the rim of the bottle.

  • Using Vaseline on new tattoos helps heal and protect them.

  • Apply to teeth to stop your lips from sticking to teeth when smiling.

  • Use Vaseline to remove chewing gum from your hair.

  • Rub Vaseline along hairline before dying your hair. It will act as a barrier to stop staining of the skin.

  • Apply a little bit to your lips to heal sore or chapped lips.

  • Coat your eyelashes before you go to bed. Apparently it will make your lashes grow thicker and longer.

  • Applied as eye shadow for a shiny dewy look.

  • Mix Vaseline with sea salt and you have made a new body scrub.

  • Put Vaseline on your cuticles everyday for softer cuticles.

  • Can be used as a facial moisturiser but only use a tiny amount.

  • Use to moisturises really dry skin

  • Apply Vaseline on cheeks and  use as a highlighter.

  • Make your own exfoliator for your lips. Apply to lips then with a old toothbrush buff away any dry skin.

  • Do you have a pair of really uncomfortable shoes? Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to the inside of the shoes it prevents rubbing.
If you know any other uses then please comment and share your tips with us. Let me know if you have tried any of my uses, did they work for you?
Lots of Love 
Laura x