Tips for buying clip-in Hair Extensions

I have tried many different types of clip in hair extensions! There is honestly nothing worse than bad extensions. I’d rather have short hair than look like I’ve just clipped a dead animal to my head. I think it really ruins a look if you have beautiful make up and a stylish out fit with a obvious difference between your hair and clip ins. So here are my tips on buying the most natural looking hair extensions.

Buy the right amount
Buy enough to blend into your hair I cant bare it went you see a girl with beautiful thick shiny hair and then a few straggly bits of hair hanging underneath it. It looks like rats tails hanging of your head. You need to get enough to match the amount of hair you have on your head if you have lots of hair you will need to buy more hair extension’s. Most company’s sell hair by grams. So check to make sure how much you need to buy to make a full head.

Match up to your hair colour.
Buy the right shade for your hair. If your buying online , it might be wise to send the company a picture of your hair. So they can advise you which colour to buy. If they you cant get an exact match and you have bought human hair then you should be able to dye it to match your hair. Always check first before dyeing otherwise you could just be wasting your money if you cant dye them. If you can’t find a exact match buy the lightest shade as its easier to make them darker than to lighten them.

Match your extensions to your hair type.
If you have really course hair don’t buy really silky hair extensions it will look obvious. To make they look as natural as possible try to get hair the same texture of your hair. if you have naturally really thin soft hair you might struggle to hide the clips under your hair. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t take this into consideration.

Which type of hair?

Synthetic extensions are the cheapest of all clip in hair extensions. They can be a fun way of adding a slice of different colour or adding length. Always remember that synthetic hair cant be dyed or have heat used on them. They are probably best for a one off occasion as they get matted easily.

Human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the most expensive but last the longest. You can treat them as you would normal hair e.g wash, dye and use heat on them.
When buying human hair, always check whether or not the hair is Remy or not.
Remy hair extensions are human hair that is kept in its natural state so the hair cuticles all lie in correct direction, as you would find on your head. Remy hair is silky and soft often with a few waves.
Non Remy human hair extensions. When the hair is collected the ends and roots are often mixed so hair wont lie as naturally often more difficult to brush as cuticles are lying up as well as down. 

Stay tuned for some reviews on clip in hair extensions, as well as a more in-depth look at hair extensions.
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Lots of Love,
Laura x