Stop the Girl hating!!!

After watching The Only Way Is Essex, Marbs special. I have decided that us girls are really mean to each other. I don’t believe the sisterhood exists. My reason for believing this is twitter! My twitter feed was filled with everyone showing support for Gemma standing up for bigger girls. Yet not so long ago, I witnessed tweets about Lauren Goodger. Telling her how fat and ugly she is! I happen to think they both look great but shouldn’t it be less about what people look like.

Why cant us girls be more supportive of each other. Just because someone is on the telly, or in the public eye doesn’t mean you can be so utterly rude and nasty to them.

Why do us girls feel the need to put each other down when we all suffer from insecurities. We all know, how much a hurtful comment can knock our confidence. Women have and still fight tirelessly for our rights. Yet instead of being there for each other and showing solidarity we take every opportunity to put other women down.

I’m not going to say I’m innocent, I’ve bitched with the best of them. Yet I also no how upsetting it is to be on the other side of a hate campaign. So I have made a vow to be more understanding of other peoples feelings. I think all girls and women should join together and whatever our size or race. All realise how really we are destroying ourselves.

Society plays a massive roll in all this. How many times have you opened magazines, to see women’s  imperfections pointed out. with a big red circle around it. With hateful comments plastered on the pages. So and so needs to loose weight. Yet on the next page, this celebrity is too skinny, doesn’t she look awful. Us women are own worst enemies. How about we start promoting eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise. As long as your healthy and happy don’t worry about your size. Whether we are big or small, curvy or skinny what does it really matter. We should all pledge to stop the girl hating and join together. Women have enough problems with men upsetting us and making us feel bad without turning on each other.

Lots of Love,
Laura x