Scandal eyes mascara

After a emergency run to boots to buy a waterproof mascara for my grandfathers funeral. I saw that Rimmel Scandal eyes was on special, plus I didn’t have time to run around. So thought I’d buy it. After shedding hundreds of tears I can say it is 100% waterproof which is brilliant. Other than that I was quite disappointed with it. It does say that this is a volume mascara and although I do find waterproof ones aren’t ever as good as normal mascaras. You don’t really get much lift. I had curled my lashes yet the Scandal eyes made them look dead straight. My lashes did look extremely long but that’s nether here nor there. 

I did really like the big brush but found it wasn’t very neat to work with as the brush gets way to much product on it just smudges everywhere. Yet when repeatedly removing layers off the brush it was fine. I have tried it a few more times and it was just as bad. Not the worst mascara I have used but definitely not the best. I think it would be better for people with naturally curly lashes as it won’t weigh you’re lashes down. I will not be purchasing again.

Lots of Love,