MUA Eye Primer

One of my favourite products at the minute is eye primer! I saw MUA’s one a while ago but I have only just tried it, because it is always sold out in my local Superdrug! It only cost me £2.50! If you had told me it cost three times as much I would have believed you. You get a fair amount for your money especially since you only need to use a small amount.

I love eye primers and have tried a few now but this one is my favourite even though its the cheapest one I have tried. It is really silky and covers your eyelids flawlessly but doesn’t weight down your lids, which I have found with others I have tried. When I applied my eyeshadow it blended easily over the primer and held the colour beautifully all day and evening. The colour was still really pigmented and didn’t crease which happens alot with me especially in the heat.

I’d really recommend this product, for anyone that likes to wear eye makeup. I really think it does help too keep it in place! Plus for the price its amazing! Have you tried any eye primers? How did you find it? Which ones your favourite? let me know!

Lots of Love,
Laura x