Get Summer Ready with this Quick Home Workout – no equipment needed

Hi girls! I’m Chloe, Laura’s personal trainer. We have been working together for a while now and so she has asked me to post a quick workout, to help to whip you into shape for summer!
IMPORTANT – If you have any health issues or injuries please consult with your GP prior to completing the below workout. Also ensure you drink water throughout the workout to keep you hydrated.
The Workout:
·         12 Bodyweight Squats (Nice & low and keep those toes pointing forwards!)
·         12 Press Ups (Can be done on your knees if you are unable to achieve a full press up0
·         12 Side Lunges
·         30 secs starjumps
1 min rest
Repeat x 3
·         Back extension (lie on your front with your hands either side of your head and raise your upper body a few inches off the floor)
·         20 secs lying leg raises – left leg
·         20 secs lying leg raises – right leg
·         12 Tricep dips (you can use the bed or sofa to place your hands on)
·         30 secs Mountain Climbers
1 min rest
Repeat x 3
Tummy Toners –
30 secs ankle crossovers
30 secs rest
30 secs dead bugs
30 secs rest
Repeat x 3
Cool down with upper & lower body stretches
So how often should I do it & how does it work?
I would recommend performing this workout 2-3 times per week. It is a Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) workout which means the heart is pumping blood to first your upper & then your lower body, and then there is a short burst of cardio. As your heart works harder, you burn off calories for up to 3 days – even when you are asleep! It’s fab for fat burning & for targeting those difficult areas.
Please feel free to tweet me on @GetFitWithChloe for health and fitness tips, thanks & enjoy!