Garnier Intensive 7 days lotion

I have always been a fan of the Body Shops Body Butter and I never thought I would change to a different body moisturiser. I have tried many others and the only ones that make me stray are the moisturers with tan in them but I still have my trusty body butter waiting for a day when my skin feels abit dry. I do still use gradual tanning moisturizers but I find that they can be a bit drying on the skin. I am a die hard tan addict, so I need to keep my skin as soft as possible. To stop streaks and blotches.

Always on the look out for new beauty products I saw Garnier had a new 7 days moisturizer. Not wanting to spend money and not like it. I signed up for a free sample which Garnier are always doing keep your eye out.
They give you 7 sachets so you get one for each day plus two skin readers. One to use before and one to use after you have used the moisturizer for a week! I was shocked at how much dry skin the skin reader said I had before I started. 
One the first use I couldn’t believe how yummy it smelt, only problem is it did squirt everywhere when I opened the sachet lol. It did feel abit oily but it made such a difference to my skin. I don’t really care! My skin still felt moisturized the whole of the next day! I absolutely love this stuff I have already bought a full size bottle. Have I got rid of the body butter? Well no but that’s because I still have loads left lol! Plus I don’t think you can have too many moistursers, what if you run out lol.
Lots of Love,
Laura x