Anti ageing treatments – what are your options part.1

Anti- ageing
I’m sure you have heard it a million times but prevention is better than cure. It is so much better to  start looking after your skin before the signs of ageing have started appearing. No anti ageing treatment can turn back the clock so start caring for your skin asap! Yet some do reduce the signs of ageing, so keep reading to find out more.

Contrary to popular belief, moisturisers do not add moisture to the skin. They act as a barrier to stop moisture from the skin being lost. The moisturiser forms a thin layer on top of the skin and stop water evaporating out the body. This results in the outermost layers of the skin absorb the water being released by the deeper layers, so fine lines are filled and the skin looks softer. Using a moisturiser helps protect the skin from pollution and harsh weather. A day moisturiser should contain SPF which will protect the skin from the sun throughout the year.

Salon treatments
Any treatment that helps the old cells of the epidermis being shed and new cells coming to the surface. Is going to help the skin look clean and fresh. Combine with a that deep cleanses and then re-hydrates the skin using electrical current like a galvanic facial. The results will be instant the skin will look fresher and plumper. However this doesn’t prevent ageing. Salon treatments only work if you have them carried out on a regular basis.

This is a harsh skin treatment. Normally it involves wire brushes, diamonds or small crystals being used to remove the top layer of skin to the lowest possible cell layer. Micro-dermabrasion is a much milder form of the same treatment. The removal of top cells of the epidermis will encourage new cell formation. The skin will have a fresher look, yet it can leave skin sore and vulnerable to damage. Only get these treatments carried out by professionals.

Skin Peels and Alpha- Hydroxy Acids.
These work by applying a chemical agent or acid to the skin which dissolves the outer layers, therefore reducing fine lines. Yet theses effects like the others mentioned in this post are only temporarily. The long term effects of these peels are unknown and adverse reactions are quite common. Peels also leave the skin far more susceptible to sun damage. So sun protection is a must after this treatment.

Stay tuned for the more long term solutions to ageing plus there pros and cons. Have you been considering any of these treatments or others? Have you ever had these treatments? Let us know your experiences.

Lots of Love
Laura x